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Commissions and Customs Info

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Paypal Stamp by artist4com Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Kiribans - Ask Me by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Greetings and salutations!

I am open for customs and commissions for
/but not limited to/:
Pendants (wire or non)
Earrings (wire or non)
Brooches/Pins (wire)
Bracelets (Wire or Non)
Cufflinks (non)
Hair Pins/Sticks (wire and non)

Want Just the eyes!
Look here for the many eye sizes, color, glow in the dark, and prices, please look here: Custom Loose Eyes - Dragon Cat Doll Evil Eye by LadyPirotessa

To get a feel for colors, findings and wire work, please look here:…

~Wire Colors - I have a wide array:
Smoke (between black, midnight and grey)
Pewter Silver
Bright (White) Silver
Soft White (Bone)
Midnight (A very dark blue)
Blood (A deep dark red)
Dark Bronze (almost Brown)
Limited Edition - Gunmetal Purple

Pure Sterling Silver is also available.

If I do not have the wire color I can easily and quickly special order it.

~ GLOW in the DARK ~
The current color choices for glow in the dark (Glow time when fully charged) are:
Green (Between 9 -11 Hours)
Aqua (Between 7 - 9 Hours)
Blue (Between 3.5 - 4.5 Hours)
Violet (Between 2.5 - 3.5 Hours)
White (Between 45 MINUTES - 1.75 Hours)
Red (Between 15-20 MINUTES)
***Glow is at an extra charge
:bulletred: Red Glow is only available with Red, Pink or Orange eyes

Pricing is dependent on what you are looking for, complexity, colors and additives!

To get a feel for Prices, please look here ~~~>…

The Turn Around Time:
Depends on what you want!
I tend to get really excited about commissions and often will get started on them as soon as possible.
One week is often needed for Curing your eye and finishing the wire work for any pendants, brooches/pins or wire earrings.
Anything more complicated like chokers, belt buckles and more will take more time of course.
This is a base line and I try to get things done faster.
I will also let you know how many commissions I have ahead of you so you so we can gauge time frames.
:rose:If you need this for a special event, please let me know ahead of time!:rose:

Need your piece fast?
We do offer "Rush Orders" this means you are bumped to the top of the line (but under any other rush orders). I will work on your piece/s first (or next after another Rush) and make your piece my first priority.
The cost for this is + 10% of the total order (not including Shipping and Handling)

HOLIDAY RUSH starts on November 1st and is +15% of the total order. It acts like "RUSH" except is for the Holidays. This is to keep things fair for the other clients who place orders.

RUSH PRIORITY - This service bumps you to the Absolute Top (but again under any other RUSH PRIORITY) and is an extra +5% to whatever RUSH service you are using. (Example Added to "RUSH" it becomes 15%, Added to Holiday RUSH it becomes 20%). This is reserved and mostly only offered for Weddings, Black Tie Events, Graduations and Specialty Events.

I do ship internationally! So don't think you are counted out if you are not in the US.
Also offered is Priority Mail and Express mail for both US and International Clients as well! Just ask for pricing.

Layway is a payment plan of:
25% of the total of anything under $100 + a non-refundable 3% added only to the first payment.
20% of anything over $100 + a non-refundable 3% added only to the first payment.
To fully see the layaway policies, please look here under Extra Information ~~~>

Looking for something Now?! Check out:

Want to get a gift but no clue what they would want?
We offer Gift Certificates now! ~~~>…
:bulletred: Please read the entire listing before purchasing your certificate.

To start a commission please send me a note (preferred)!

Looking forward to seeing you,
~Lady Pirotessa
Blue Rose Creations



Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 11:37 AM
Lady Pirotessa of Blue Rose Creations is doing a Breast Cancer Fundraiser this October.
It's not as much as we would like to do, but we do what we can when we can, eh?

50% of the proceeds of all our "pink" items in the month of October as well as 10% of all other purchases made (except custom orders) will be donated to TheRose.Org for breast cancer.  

Our Shop is here and in the middle is the "Breast cancer Awareness Section"



Some people will ask or state straight out of the gate, "Why are you donating to Breast Cancer when Heart Disease and Prostate Cancer kill more people every year?!"

My Response? "Because this is the cancer that has touched me personally. If this Cause doesn't touch you in some way that's okay! If you want to donate but not to Breast Cancer, please go to a donation website of your choosing for the cause that has touched you in some way and give to them! This doesn't have to be the one you choose, in fact I would rather you go and do what you can for the cause that touches you. My hope is that in a way this is a reminder to go and help with the Cause that reached you in some way. Whatever it was, be it a family member, a friend, a loved one, or just a story, go and do what you can for them. Can't "donate" money? Donating time or just offering up whatever you can, even a thought means more than you know. Spread the love."

For those interested the deeper story read on.


The deeper why and a story she wouldn't want told.

I grew up just like many. In a townhome with a yard, a small garden, pets and a strange but awesome family. I had a godmother who was more the stay at home person since my mother worked almost all the time to make sure we had enough money to pay for, well everything. My godmother worked too but she was the main caregiver. Her name was Marianne Lerman aka Mare. And she was a very very private person.

Was she stunningly beautiful? Ravishing? Did she always show a happy face? Never get upset? Was she this fantasy person that most people make thier dead loved ones out to be? Pffft Nope. Did she get angry? Yell sometimes? Have flaws? Have real emotions? Yep, sure did! But the things I learned from her I kept so dear and am passing on to my daughter. The love that she showed me, the things she taught me in her lifetime, I am giving to my family.

The physical things I remember? First and foremost her red hair. I mean really natural deep red. This coppery color that in certain light shined like fire. It was really cool. I remember it also falling out and the ornate colored scarves she wore over the peachfuz. I remember how soft it was when it would grow back in. Then there were those eyes. Her dark brown eyes which were so rich, almost always hidden behind large framed glasses which when she took off were tired and darkened with exhaustion. I remember her thin stature, which only got thinner with time. I remember her high cheek bones which when she was younger must have been a strange lovliness to behold and eventually became gaunt boney features with sunken flesh on those bad days/months. I remember laying on her chest as she sang in her offtones "Rock the baby" to comfort any bumps bruises or colds (and I now do for my daughter), which lost one of its breasts to the cancer. That same chest that ended up with a port in it so I could help with the home care and the medicine.

But none of that was the important stuff.

The things to be remembered that are important was her sense of loyalty, especially where I was concerned. Marianne always had my back moreso than anyone I ever knew at that time and would be there no matter what. In her own way that woman was a lioness not to be reckoned with and that's where I learned it from. She wasn't always patient but she would take the time to explain things. To make sure the child before her understood why something was the way it was. But there was so much more than just child rearing. She was adventurous. Well you would say that most people could be described as such, right? But she stepped out of the bounds of normal for that decade to experience life in a way most other "adults" were too afraid to do because of how it looked! My best example? You know those steps of marble leading up to auditoriums where on the sides there is that flat "slide" like area that you just are not supposed to use? It's a nice decoration. Well a much younger boy I knew when I was in 8th grade went sliding down it. Seemed like fun so I quickly followed and by the time to got to the bottom I heard "look out!" because down was sliding the fiery haired woman, in the cold, in front of all those other adults and kids after the children's Christmas Pageant. Not to mention white water rafting, walking through the woods instead of playing at the "playground" part of the park, splashing in creeks, exploring and so much more.

And in this, she was the most beautiful person I knew. Marianne was brave.

As a third grader things like cancer and the concept of death of a loved one kinda don't make sense. This rock in my life was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. What did that mean? I didn't know. But I know now that this was the start of it.

With the Chemo, Radiation and TLC, she survived and all seemed like it was supposed to be. The scars it left on her didn't heal as well but we were family. I was young. I didn't see them as she did. Yes there were still the hospital trips for check ups, the nights of tears she cried, and so many other little things but we got through it because that was how it was supposed to be. She would always be there, right?

Later on down the line due to the cancer and the chemo, Marianne developed Leukimia. This was at the very end of that wonderful 4 year window. That "watch for signs time" when if you were going to get Leukima from the Chemo, that was when to look out for it. She was 6 months away from being "scott free" when the call came in that the bruises she got from our white water rafting trip were actually the signs that she was sick. That the cancer was back. That the Leukima was full blown.

The pain, the tears, the sitting on the kitchen floor, the glass thrown, the rush to get her checked into the hospital because it was bad and progressive. Her oncologist didn't want her to wait a day to get everything together she needed to get in now.....yeah. Pretty real stuff in middle school. She went through treatments, went into and out of remission. All was as it had been and thus she would be fine. Right?

She survived another 3 years. Marianne watched me "graduate 8th grade" which was the secret thing she promised herself. In freshman year of highschool I got off the bus at the paticery to see my mother and not my godmother. Asking if I could go in to get one of those buttercream glazed breads, my hard ass of a mother just nodded. I assumed she had gotten off work early and wanted to pick me up or something equally as simple. I got my food, chatted with my friends for a minute, ate all the while my mother just stood there. Waiting. Patiently.

We got in that silver buik skylark and she just kept saying she was sorry over and over and over again. Like a broken record. "I'm so sorry I couldn't keep her around longer. I'm so sorry". Her face had turned red with the tears and sobbing before everything clicked, and the only word to scream from my lips was "No". After a while between tight hugs that took away my breath and the tightness in both my mother's and my own throat, I got the story. Mare's body gave out at her appartment and "GB" (aka Barbara, the woman my godmother was staying with at the time) was unable to recussitate her but was with her the whole time. By the time the paramedics got there, there was nothing to be done and she just wouldn't fully come back. I didn't go to the hospital. I wanted to remember the fiery red haired beautiful woman who to most would seem homely, dark, and bitchy.

I remember her now though it is hard to hear her voice. I look up at certain stars and see her there, know her eyes, know her smile which was rare, and I know her love.

So those of you who got to the end, this is a glimpse as to why Breast Cancer is my choice for donation. Why this is My Chosen Cause. Because of My Mare.  


~Lady Pirotessa
Blue Rose Creations


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Lady Pirotessa
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Come and like us on Facebook! There are giveaways, promotions and more:…

I have been a live action roleplayer for most of my life.

From sewing to jewelry craft, prosthetics to home made make up, to perfumes and lip balms, I have done a lot. Some of it has been on and off and some of it I have continued! I have loved crafting since I was a child and once in my teen years started sewing, making dresses, cloaks, jewelry (clay, wire and some failed metal works), made latex weapons and other such things. Went on to make my own powder make up, then perfumes and fairy dusts! Finally I thought my art was good enough to sell on ebay. Then years later onto etsy and now zibbet!

Photo is of me and was taken by…

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Paypal Stamp by artist4com Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Want to get a gift but no clue what they would want?
We offer Gift Certificates now! ~~~>…
:bulletred: Please read the entire listing before purchasing your certificate.

It's beyond a miracle and that's just what you need.

Commissions and Customs List

~*~ Current Commissions in Order of Commission ~*~

Completed and Shipped:…

Light Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaMCompleted and waiting on PaymentLight Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaM
RUSH :bulletblue:- TT - Aura Crystal - Aqua - Black Wire - Black cord (maybe black ball and chain?)
:bulletblue: AmandaGrace McGarry (fb) One Bronze Double Heart Key - Bronze Accent Wings - Round Pupil Dark Red Eye - Matching Crystal - Agreed Price - $24.98 - (DUE Oct 14th - Oct 28th.)
:bulletblue: AmandaGrace McGarry (fb) - One Regular Black Pewter Pocket Watch - Bronze Accent Dragon - Round Pupil Dark Red Eye - Matching Crystal - Agreed Price - $104.98 (DUE Oct 14th - Oct 28th.) (PreP $25)
RUSH - :bulletblue: - Eona-E - Sovereign Deluxe Pocket Watch - Black Face - All 4 elements eye color - glow in the dark
RUSH :bulletblue: - Kyris - Ring
RUSH - :bulletblue: Marcia Meharg Riemens (fb) - Sovereign Deluxe Pocket Watch - Toothless Eye Due between Nov 5th - 12th)
RUSH - :bulletblue: Marcia Meharg Riemens (fb) - dark Purple dream drop 14mm - Bronze Wire - Purple Droplets -… (Due between Nov 5th to 12th)


:blackrose:~Completed - Not Listed~:blackrose:

:rose: ~ In Progress ~:rose:

PRIORITY RUSH - :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Nick Lorento (fb) - Black Pocket Watch - Smoke Wire - "Cyan Eye with aqua glow" Extra Swirls, see picture in chat. (Prep25) (Due Nov5th - Nov 12th)

PRIORITY RUSH - :bulletwhite: Jody Sennott (et) 24mm loose eye set - Slit Pupil - One Aqua and one Orange (Highly detailed)

PRIORITY RUSH - :buleltwhite::buleltwhite::bulletwhite: Vanessa Burnner fb - Antique Silver Pocket Watch Base / matching wire - Silver to Blue Slit pupil eye / Blue Glow in the dark - Matching Swarovski Crystal

RUSH: :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Laura Leydes - True Purple - Large Silver Dream

RUSH - :bulletblack::bulletwhite: - Denise - 4 Silver Trees - 2x black opal colorshift (see pics) and 2 x white opal trees) (Due nov 18th - nov 25th) ($50 Prepaid on Zibbet)

RUSH - :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Brenna - 14mm red with gold streaks into dark red - red glow - gold square wire - size 6.5 (Due nov 18th - 25th)

RUSH - :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Pocket Watch for Coeus - Gold - bronze eye slit pupil

RUSH - :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Zach Bills (fb) - Brass Base pocket watch with bronze wire - Green colored eye and matching accent crystal. (Due Nov28th - December 5th) ($10Prep)

DUE - Mystikka Pendant

DUE - :bulletwhite: Jasmin Schaupp - SpE Roll on (et)
DUE - :bulletwhite: Jasmin Schaupp - SpE 1 oz Spray (et)

DUE - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Michelle Athol - Black Pewter Regular Cuff Bracelet - Smoke Wire - Red Cat Slit Pupil Eye - Matching Crystals (PreP $75 + $13.25 Shipping) (DUE Oct 29th)

DUE - :bulletblack::bulletblack: Xelles d'Athanasius (FB) - Bronze Key with Bronze Chains - Pendant - Deep Blue Eye with Round Pupil and Matching Crystal… - ($10 PREP) (Due Nov 1st)
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Xelles d'Athanasius (FB) - Color Shifting Steampunk Teardrop - Bronze Wire -… ($10 PREP) (Due Nov 1st)

DUE - :bulletblack::bulletwhite: Rachel Turner (fb) - 16mm Gold Bronze Orange Lions Eye - SMALL PUPIL - Bronze Wire Pendant Brooch - Round Tendrils holding eye with some dangling off - See Message on fb (Due Nov 7th)

DUE - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite: truthsoulseeks (et) - GOTHIC FILIGREE Bracelet - Bronze Base and Bronze Wire - Green Dragon Eye with Bronze Filigree (Due Nov 7th - Nov 21st) (Prep25)

:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletwhite: Nicole - Peacock Eye - Bracelet - ON HOLD TILL TEST PIECE DONE
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Nicole - Peacock Eye - Chandelier Earrings - ON HOLD TILL TEST PIECE DONE
:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Nicole - Peacock Eye - Necklace - ON HOLD TILL TEST PIECE DONE

:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Chris and Kim - Ring 1 (14mm Mock Up) - Purple Eye Silver Round
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Chris and Kim - Ring 2 (14mm Mock Up) - Purple Eye Square Round Twist of Gold
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Chris and Kim - Ring 1 (16mm Mock Up) - Purple Eye Silver Round (Twist of Gold?)
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Chris and Kim - Ring 1 (14mm Mock Up) - Blue Eye - Silver Wire
:bulletblack::bulletwhite: Chris and Kim - Ring 1 (16mm Mock Up) - Blue Eye - Silver Wire

:bulletblack::bulletwhite: JerryHookBanHorror (fb) - 14mm Rainbow Eye Blue Glow - Silver Square Wire (or best color - do color test for approval) Ring, elegant twists - Size 11

Long Sword by admx Ender's Work Long Sword by admx


~Waiting for Information~
Jeltz42 - Sovereign Pocket Watch Base (waiting) - contact when they are back in stock

~Dots Explanation~
:bulletwhite: Stage not completed. (There may be multiple stages)
:bulletblack: Stage completed. (There may be multiple stages) No pics or listing yet.
:bulletblue: Waiting for payment. Pics and Listing are up.



LadyPirotessa has started a donation pool!
449 / 3,000

This donation pool is about Stuff! I have been inspired by the amazing PiccolaRia! She is always doing Kiribans, Lotteries, Prizes and just Stuff for her watchers. And so that is what this donation pool is about! That and donating to other groups for their prizes!


Here are some fun things for points:
• 1-24 points at one time and I will I give you a lama {unless I have already given you one :) )
• 25-74 points at one time and I will give you a lama and will favorite one of your pieces.
• 75-250 points at one time and I will give you a lama and will favorite one of your pieces and take a color request for my next (non-commission) eye!

•If you donate more than 250 points at one time you get everything above and, then I will let you choose the colors and wire of my next eye piece and have it named after you! If you fall in love with it then get 10% off purchasing that piece too!

If you are reading this, it means that you have made it to my front DA Page.
So, thank you for stopping by! :heart:

You must be logged in to donate.

Third Kiriban is coming up! 45,000 Pageviews! 

10 deviants said YEAY!!!! For Rules Read here! ~~~>…
3 deviants said No thanks.


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sydneyrose23 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  New member Student Artist
Wow, so you make these? ThATS AMAZING!! Those look so cool! I am stunned! It's incredible that you can make these! How do you make them! I with I could have one but I must say, outstanding work! :D
LadyPirotessa Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! 

I hand paint all the eyes and most of the dream drops, yes.

Have a beautiful day and thank you so much!
sydneyrose23 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  New member Student Artist
Your welcome!!! I'll look forward on what other awesome stuff you do! :D
XLadyCrowX Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
I was wondering if the wire you use has nickel in it. The work you do it just absolutely beautiful and I would love to be able to get one, but seeing as I am allergic to nickel I always have to be careful.
LadyPirotessa Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the compliment and I completely understand about needing to be careful with your skin.

Most is done with copper core wire covered in german silver or other coatings. But if you are at all concerned I would be happy to make you a custom order with Sterling Silver or some Bare copper!
XLadyCrowX Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to pairing a piece with my character for next year's renaissance fair!
LadyPirotessa Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Perfect. Just send me a private Note whenever you are ready :heart:
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Thanx 4 llama
KatherinaIlic Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch :happybounce: 
LadyPirotessa Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are more than welcome. Your sketches are beautiful!
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